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Subject: HTTRACKS web page and Double web site
Author: Rene
Date: 06/06/2015 10:31

I am a new user, so probably my question is lack of knowledge. I read the
instructions and tried to find in FAQ.

This is my problem: After downloading a Google site into a folder
HTTRACK/SITE/, the folder SITE contains all kinds of files: eg. AND a folder with the web site 

When I copy the files under SITE/ to my website server, the
layout of the web pages is wrong.

So I copy all files and folder under SITE to my web server.

Problem is now when I browse to my new site, 
- very quickly a web page made by httrack flashes in the screen and then it
shows <> (layout is ok now)

Q- How can I avoid the httrack web page and how can I avoid double web site
thanks for your patience

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HTTRACKS web page and Double web site

06/06/2015 10:31


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