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Subject: user and password not kept for the full domain
Author: Ric
Date: 06/14/2015 14:41
Hello everyone,
I am trying to copy a web site that requires to login for full access and for
which I have username and password. I have tried both methods, the 'Add
URL'/'Capture URL' and the cookies export. In both cases I successfully copy
the home page with full credentials but for all other pages in the full domain
username and password are not remembered; it is like I have never logged in.
The filters that I have are the following:
Is there something wrong in what I am doing? Is there something I should do
and I am not doing? Or this is just a limitation that I cannot resolve. Thanks
in advance for any help.

Kind regards

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user and password not kept for the full domain

06/14/2015 14:41


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