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Subject: Problem mirroring site with authentication
Author: ira
Date: 06/26/2015 19:06

I'm trying to mirror a site that requires authentication, which I have (it's a
course that I've paid for). To mirror the site, I used 'Add URL/Capture
URL',and entered the proxy server into my browser.

HTTRACK seems to mirror the site (~20 MB downloaded), but when I try to view
the site offline, every html hyperlink that I click on refers me to the
original login page, and prompts me for the authentication, but when I enter
the authentication I get a 'Server Not Found Page.'

Obviously, when I view the site online I only have to enter the authentication
when I login on the login page.

Any help would GREATLY appreciated, since on June 30 the course is going to be
taken offline.

Thank you very much in advance.


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Problem mirroring site with authentication

06/26/2015 19:06


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