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Subject: Weird MIME type problem
Author: Commander238
Date: 07/13/2015 15:52
I have got a problem when mirroring a specific website: "".
The website is misconfigured and it returns "application/x-httpd-php5" instead
of "text/html".
That happens on all pages which should be HTML. 
For example: 


I know that this is a website problem, not HTTrack problem, but I would like a
Web browsers cannot open that site and every page triggers a download dialog.

HTTrack downloads only the first page and doesn't recognize it as HTML and so
it doesn't follow any links.
I tried to set the mime type of "html" to "text/html" manually (in the MIME
types tab), but it doesn't help.
How can i override the mime type to let HTTrack know, how to proceed?
Thank you for any hints.

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Weird MIME type problem

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