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Subject: Re: Download all of some filetypes
Author: Annajiat Alim Rasel
Date: 07/17/2015 03:53
Disclaimer: I am not an expert/advanced user. 

> I have too many random disconnects.

You might want to try storing all file in cache in the settings and see if it
helps in resuming from <>

From <>
Please try
Update Hack
Tolerant Request
and only after you tried everything else in this post, "Force old HTTP" as it
might potentially worsen the situation.

> How can I download ALL *.png and *.gif and *.jpg from a website from all

These files are usually added as default. If you only want these files only, I
believe you might want to set it like


From Options: <>

Please click on "Scan Rules" Tab,
and follow on

> In some cases I have to specify a directory, because
> if I start from the root, I get a timeout or an
> error.

In case the site feels overloaded, you might want to try:
From: <>

Max connections / seconds

and from: <>
Number of connections



> What would be the most efficient 

I have tried to help above, not sure if it is the most efficient

> and "Correct" way
> to download a couple of different file formats
> images from a website from ALL directories and avoid
> an error.

The following is a good read for successful completion of website mirror
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