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Subject: Default values of all field in WinHTTrack
Author: Shravan
Date: 08/15/2015 07:23
I'm writing a wrapper for HTTrack and I'm referring to WinHTTrack for the
option fields. I'm a little confused with the default (blank) values of all
the fields in the options dialog. For example, in the "Limits" tab, I see that
fields "Max mirroring depth", "Max external depth", "Max time overall", "Max
connections/seconds" etc. take the default blank value. What does that value
mean? I referred to the help and I managed to get a few values,

For "Maximum mirror depth", <BLANK> = Infinite
For "Maximum external depth", <BLANK> = 0

But I need all other values. Can anyone give me ALL the default values in all
the options?

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Default values of all field in WinHTTrack

08/15/2015 07:23


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