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Subject: Confused About Cache Feature
Author: Doug
Date: 09/19/2015 20:22
Hello, I love this program but am confused about how the "update" feature
works.  I understand that the hts-cache file must be preserved, but do I also
have to keep the downloaded files in the same location as the hts-cache

What I mean is, normally when I download a site, I create a .zip file from the
downloaded main site, then delete that downloaded folder, and then store the
.zip file somewhere else on my computer (e.g., "My Docs" folder).  So (and
this may be a dumb question), but if wanted to run an update on that same site
3 months after the download, would I have to put back the deleted downloaded
main site folder on the directory where the hts-cache folder is also located,
or is it enough that the hts-cache folder is there?  


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Confused About Cache Feature

09/19/2015 20:22


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