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Subject: Get only near links in ouside domains.
Author: Mark
Date: 09/21/2015 18:41
I've been trying to get a website that has its indexes on the same level as the
content it links to, but in a different folder. To use the example from the

I'm downloading:
It stores a series of html-files that contain descriptions of trees as well as
links to pictures of those trees. These pictures are located in:

Now, if I add*
to my Scan Rules, it'll get everything in that folder, including the pictures
of flowers, which I don't need. I just want the pictures that are linked to
from /trees.

If I allow 1 level of outside links, it'll also get the items from
which contains advice on how to trim those trees, which I don't want. Adding
will exclude these, but then forces the use of*
with the above issue.

So I want only the content of /trees and whatever files in /photos these link
to, no other photos.

I figured I would have it by now, but even Google doesn't seem to know, and
I'm pretty good with search terms.

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Get only near links in ouside domains.

09/21/2015 18:41
Re: Get only near links in ouside domains.

09/21/2015 21:25


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