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Subject: Re: [BUG] Umlaut Domains not working?
Author: chrislauter
Date: 09/30/2015 13:11
Dear HTTrack experts,
I've been working with HTTrack over the past months for research reasons, but
to one problem I cannot find a solution: crawling URLs with German Umlauts
such as ö and ü.

The tip in this post was a first helpful hint (thanks Ralf).
First of all, I would like to add:
In order to change the URL to the correct punycode, it is convenient to use a
converter tool such as <>
www.ö becomes
The download of www.ö doesn't work.
But the download of works.

Except for the start page, all other html-sites in the downloaded subfolders
show only weird strings such as

Can anyone help me with this issue?Thanks in advance,
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