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Subject: How to download entire files from website sever
Author: shizuura
Date: 10/17/2015 08:26
I think this kind of think can be achieved with HTTrack but I don't know how,
this is not a field that I'm mastered and I'm still pretty amateur at this.

So, I need all the files stored in this site for my thesis:


The one that I want to downloads stored in these links:



As you can see, the files start with this address:


I tried to enter the above address but it lead to nonexistent html page rather
than download all files stored under that link. 

You see, for my research I need to download about 2000 of files stored in that
link and that will really consume my time. I check it, and all files that I
need stored under that link, I just need to download them. 

My question, can I actually do this with HTTrack? TO download files rather
than site? Thank you and sorry for my bad english because I'm Indonesian.

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How to download entire files from website sever

10/17/2015 08:26


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