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Subject: How to download non-indexed .jpg files ?
Author: Morbius
Date: 11/05/2015 02:54
I am a new user of HTTrack and I have the following issue.

I am trying to make a mirror copy and download all files of a website:

On this website, I have several folders with .jpg image files. Some of those
image files are indexed, and some are not indexed. By “not indexed”, I
mean that those files cannot be accessed by browsing the website, because
there is no link to them. However, they do exist, and I can view them by
pointing my browser at their exact location, which supposes that I know their
presence, their name and in which folder they are.

Let me be more explicit. In the “folder-1” folder of my website, I have
the non-indexed image file “non_indexed_image-1.jpg”. However, since there
is no link to this file in the structure of the website, I can only access
this file and view the image by pointing my browser to the following path:

When making a mirror of my website (using default options), HTTrack captures
all the indexed image files, but NONE of the non-indexed files (although those
files do exist !).

Is there any way I could capture/record the non-indexed image files too with
HTTrack ?

My apologies if this question has already been answered, but I could not find
anything by doing a “basic” search.

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How to download non-indexed .jpg files ?

11/05/2015 02:54


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