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Subject: PHP link in form ?
Author: Kevin Eaves
Date: 10/11/2002 22:06
How do you get HTTRACK to follow a PHP link that is in a form. This site has a
form that when the button is pressed the URL that it references is a PHP link.
Here is the code:
 <form action= method=POST
name=Paging><input type=hidden name=LimitStart value=0 /><SPAN
CLASS="controlCenterText">1-30 of 35</SPAN><input type="image"
src="../graphics/ui/next.gif" name="PagingNext" value="PagingNext"
alt="PagingNext" /><input type="image" src="../graphics/ui/end.gif"
name="PagingEnd" value="PagingEnd" alt="PagingEnd" /><input type=hidden
name=cidx value=3></form>

Thanx a bunch

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PHP link in form ?

10/11/2002 22:06
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