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Subject: Copied site links back to live website?
Author: sack
Date: 12/05/2015 17:55
I have a photography website which was created using gallery2. The gallery2
project has essentially ended and there isn't support for it any longer. I
have not been able to backup and restore the site using the normal techniques.
I wanted to get a copy of the site using httracker, which I've used on
occasion. However what I've found is that once I start browsing the gallery
images, the links all take me back to the website itself. I am not sure why
httracker is handling the links that way? I've not not this issue before.

I am using 3.47-21. I see there is a later version - can I install it to the
same dir that I've used in the past, and not break the list of locally
available projects?

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Copied site links back to live website?

12/05/2015 17:55
Re: Copied site links back to live website?

12/13/2015 03:48


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