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Subject: Re: Doesnt Work with forms/HTTPS very well
Author: Bill Sargent
Date: 12/13/2015 03:44
> Not really much here to say, other than this doesnt
> work worth a damn for sites that have a form to
> submit. Ive gone over all of the FAQ, checked here
> in the forums, made sure i have the latest version,
> etc... Best it does is copy the front page and thats
> it. 
> If it is this complicated to confgure, the software
> is not ready for primetime. Uninstalled and will
> look for other alternatives. Good luck 

Well... that would probably be the best. But so you know, this has been in
"primetime" for a long long time and is universally known as the best open
source website copier available. It has a ton of options. You probably wont
find anything better.
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Doesnt Work with forms/HTTPS very well

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