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Subject: Can I copy only part of a website?
Author: ramaswalleh
Date: 12/17/2015 09:24
Hey guys!

I'm looking to expand my programming knowledge and as you know, a handful of
resourceful ebooks are free but exist as HTML web pages (these are all legal
by the way - I've checked). I tried downloading and converting these web pages
to pdf using some free online pdf converters - but this is too time consuming
- not to mention the pdf files come with plenty of adds embedded.
When I came across HTTrack Website Copier, I was excited and I was able to
download one of the books successfully.
However, some other books are part of a larger website and I don't want to
download the whole website just for one book. I tried playing with the
settings, but this feature doesn't seem to exist.
Is it possible for me to only download part of a website using HTTrack Website
Copier? Please let me know?

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Can I copy only part of a website?

12/17/2015 09:24
Re: Can I copy only part of a website?

12/17/2015 13:12


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