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Subject: Keep exact original URLs for static site archive
Author: Greg
Date: 12/21/2015 16:45
Hello all specialists,

I am trying to create an archive of a CMS site (WebEdition) to make a static
version of that site which is to be placed on the original domain instead of
the CMS.

Actually the archive works fine right now with Options:
httrack <> -w -O . -%v --robots=0 -%e0 -N100

- but how can I preserve all original URLs, so that they remain the same and
links from other websites do still work?
Like now, the original link and URL

is made to something like

when I place the archive at document root for the So old links
from other websites will lead to 404.

I tried a simple redirection with .htaccess like this:
RewriteEngine on
RewriteRule ^(.*).php$ $1.html

But of course it won't work simply as that because Httrack adds that 4 digit
random number...

With option -K, as I found out, the internal links in the archive will be kept
as they were, but they won't work.

Any help out there?

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Keep exact original URLs for static site archive

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