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Subject: Re: Crawling WebSphere Portal Sites Successfully
Author: JohnnyJohn
Date: 01/13/2016 19:25
> Hey guys.. I'm really stumped with this.. I'm trying
> to create a static site from a WebSphere Portal
> website yet I can't figure out the settings for the
> life of me.    The site would download OK (at times)
> but I guess due to the session info being in the
> URL, after a while, everything is lost and CSS
> breaks.  
> Can someone please suggest a good way at skinning a
> WebSphere Portal Website.  I've built by proof of
> concept on a local machine so i can't publish nor
> forward the http port yet the following website has
> the same exact URL config: 
> <>
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!


Any assistance would be highly appreciated.  Just looking for some solid
settings that would not break the site after a while.

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