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Subject: only return parent directory files
Author: Jim
Date: 01/19/2016 23:37
This seems like the holy grail of httrack...

I am trying to get only the parent directory (and all files related)
 /index.html  (references main.css, image.jpg)
 /main.css   (calls background.jpg)

ie - I want /index.html, the css/js files it calls (main.css), and any images
within both the main index.html and css files I(image.jpg and

I do not want any lower subdirectories (subdir1, subdir2).

I've scanned through the forum, stackoverflow, etc with no results.

And I think I've tried every combo of flag, filter, etc. :(

Is this possible?  I can get what I want by using the depth flag - but then I
end up with extra subdirectories.


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01/19/2016 23:37
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