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Subject: user-defined structure only for .html / .php files
Author: Erik
Date: 01/20/2016 18:58

I'm using this user defined structure which effectively turns a remote url
like <> into /2015/evens/index.html

this is the syntax: "%h%p/%n/index.%t"

My problem is this happens not only to html files but is also to css, js and
image files, so a remote image at <> into
/2015/evens/photo.jpg  will be saved as /2015/events/photo/index.jpg locally

I would like to make a distinction so the user-defined structure only applies
to a specifedc filetype and save  the rest of the files in the original
structure as they on the remote end.

Is this currently possible with Httrack or is it only possible by
post-processing with (for example) a bash script?
Hope someone can help me out, I'm a bit stuck...

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user-defined structure only for .html / .php files

01/20/2016 18:58
Re: user-defined structure only for .html / .php files

01/21/2016 10:46


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