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Subject: Downloading a streaming website
Author: mrjohnson
Date: 01/31/2016 17:35

So, I'm assuming it's been answered several times so far, but either I
couldn't find it among the mass of threads; either the threads I found were
too old; either I didn't understand much what was said...

So here's the thing : I'd like to download websites (or parts of websites)
that stream video content. Mainly I'd like to download youtube playlists.

You can guess I already tried and realized that for some reason, videos
weren't not showing up on my downloaded pages. From what I got from my search
here, it's because videos are generaly SWF and not being downloaded...

Let me please ask again, in case something changed since the last thread about
it was made : is there a way? Is there a way for Httrack to download the SWF
and display them in the downloaded page?
In any case, thanks for just answering. I realize this question was asked
thousands of times so don't bother with explaining why it can't be done if it
really is absolutely not possible to do it. :( I just wish Httrack was the
solution I've been looking for during many years now

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Downloading a streaming website

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