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Subject: Can't seem to get above 25 KiB/s?
Author: Ryan Z. Stanley
Date: 02/09/2016 06:10
I'm trying to get HTTrack to download at a speed of at least 500 KiB/s. I've
tried everything I've read in the forums here including
"--disable-security-limits" but I still can't get it to run consistently at a
speed above 25 KiB/s. It will jump up to 400 KiB/s for a few seconds then come
back down. Is there a way to get this to run faster?? 25 KiB/s is far too slow
for the size of the website I'm downloading. Thanks.

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Can't seem to get above 25 KiB/s?

02/09/2016 06:10


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