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Subject: Moving Mirrored Websites or transferring them off
Author: Tyler
Date: 03/01/2016 23:13
Hi, tried finding an answer to my question but there was no luck. I've been
using httrack to mirror websites that I've really liked and was wondering how
or if it's possible to move all those mirrored websites I've copied off my
laptop and onto something else like my Google drive, the cloud, or even my
flah/zip drive? I've been trying to move them to different libraries and other
devices ,but, when I open them the screen off my laptop says "Cannot display
webpage". I can't move them at all, even into my documents without the
pagecoming up like that or into other folders within My Websites on local
disk. Please I would appreciate it alot if someone knew a solution to this
problem that I'm having; it would mean alot to me. Thanks.

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Moving Mirrored Websites or transferring them off

03/01/2016 23:13


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