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Subject: HTTrack Problem
Author: Tobias
Date: 03/09/2016 15:24
Hi! I want to download some files from a site let say *.jpg... main adress
<>... all *.jpg are located in
<>..... now i cannot
download directly *.jpg or
<*.jpg> i assume i have no direct
root acces to directory alliance/mobsters so i can take all *.jpg... main site
has multiple pages like this <>
1998... On every ?page are located the links with my *.jpg so technically it
must be scanned all so i can actually see my links to my *.jpg... I can
download the whole site but cannot download only *.jpg from this site no
matter what i have done..... I really tried all i could found and mixed them
so much >_<. I can't figure out, read instructions, filters all but nothing
(maybe i am stupid (._.  ) ). Only thing working is downloading (i abort after
every try when saw all html, gif, zip, etc which i dont want) whole site but
this is insane and not recommended -_- One method kinda worked but stopped on
<> page 1 ... couldn't go further. I used this
setings  <[2-1998>] and
+*.jpg but as i said it stopped
advancing further pages.... If anyone figured what my problem is and can help
please help me (._.  ). Sorry for bad english. Thank You!

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