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Subject: exclude files
Author: gordo998
Date: 03/20/2016 05:04
I am trying to process a dozen html files from a directory containing hundreds
of them. Each html file begins with  numbers that ranges from 2 to 5 numbers.
Is there a way to exlude all files I don't want with a number-based filter
while accepting the files I want? Or, at least, cut down on the number of
files to be processed.

For example, if I use a filter like -*[1], does that exclude every file with
the number 1 in it or can I specify the 1 with a wildcard inside the bracket
as -*[1*] to hit on files with a 1 in the number one position only?
I have HTTrack set to go only to the directory I need but it processes every
html in the directory. I want to be a good Net citizen and not hog bandwidth.

The files I want have a name after the number, before the html extension, and
I have tried including the files with that name. However, there are way too
many names on the other files to exclude them all by name. 

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