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Subject: Yet another filter question
Author: Crespin
Date: 04/13/2016 09:54
I think this is a filter question rather than a mirror depth question (which I
left blank in the settings).  I'm trying to mirror a phpbb forum. I finally
got it set up following the CatchURL tutorial. 

However, it only copies the first page - i.e. it doesn't follow any subsequent
links.  I have looked at my filters until my eyes bled;-), most of which I got
from a list online, and the rest I got by hovering over links.  Can anyone
tell me what in this list of filters is preventing HTtrack from going no
further than a depth of 1? I have a feeling it's something small, like a slash
or an asterisk. (Sorry for the length of the list.) Thanks in advance...


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Yet another filter question

04/13/2016 09:54


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