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Subject: Trouble mirroring a dictionary
Author: Arhok
Date: 05/29/2016 15:23
I seem to be stuck when trying to mirror the URLs in a dictionary. My goal is
to get an offline URL for all the words in the dictionary. Specifically I am
trying to mirror every URL after this address:

The URL to every word in the dictionary starts with the URL mentioned above,
then the address continues with the word in the dictionary and then this long
line right after: &ant_bokmaal=5&ant_nynorsk=5&begge=+&ordbok=begge
So, for the word "hei" in the dictionary, the complete URL would be:

I have tried adding the following sentences in scan rules:
I have also typed this in the scan rules:

Some other lines too.

I don't get any of the URLs of the words in the dictionary the way I have
tried. If anyone knows how to mirror these URLs I would be grateful for any

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Trouble mirroring a dictionary

05/29/2016 15:23


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