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Subject: Username/password issue
Author: Ben
Date: 08/23/2016 00:01

I've been searching all the forum to find an answer for more than 2 hours but
still cannot.

I want to download a website with an username/password. I found the following
Q/A but not working well:


I did all the steps below in portable Firefox (FF) win 7 (set it as a default
1- erased the cookies
2- went to the website, entered user/pass and didn't login
3- Ran HTTrack, hit "ADD URL...", entered user/pass
4- hit "Capture URL..." and changed the proxy setting on the FF from "No
proxy" to Manual proxy configuration" and entered the proxy address/port
5- hit ok on the HTTrack (the user/pass+URL added to the web address)
6- Went back to FF, clicked on login from the step 2 but the page did not open
("The proxy server is refusing connections")
7- changed the FF proxy setting to "No proxy"
8- Ran the software

but still get the following error 
"Error:  "Not Found" (404) at link..."

Which step am I doing wrong?

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Username/password issue

08/23/2016 00:01
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