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Subject: Wanted feature: Page update monitoring
Author: VVV
Date: 08/23/2016 10:25
I recently started using this program and works very well but I missed a very
useful action: Page update monitoring.
The most basic function would be to compare the page stored locally with the
real one present in internet. It could be parameterized the depth and reduce
the comparison to text blocks between phrases.
This is very good for take the decision of update new contents (for instance,
if there are new links).
Thank you for your hard work in this good program.
For better comprehension there are two programs dedicates to this function:
1) WebMon (Colin Markwell): Free and easy but discontinued and not httpS.
2) WebSite-Watcher (Aignesberger): Powerful but not free :-(     

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Wanted feature: Page update monitoring

08/23/2016 10:25


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