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Subject: i want to save the original file date
Author: Roschka
Date: 08/24/2016 16:16
sometimes i use HTTrack, but every time all file dates are set to the download
date. That is not what i want. I wish to keep the original file dates very
much. For me are the original filedates very important!
Another wish: i want to safe the original image path in the JPG comment and
the containing url too in separate lines.
and if possible additional 
imagenameurl in IPTC:Source
htmlname in IPTC:copyright field
original filedate filetime in IPTC: special instructions
 if this fields are empty. 
I do this write since some years manual in all my jpg-files. 
cincerly Roschka

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i want to save the original file date

08/24/2016 16:16
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08/27/2016 01:29


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