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Subject: "Page requested not available" and other questions
Author: John
Date: 10/21/2002 05:36

I'm just beginning to use HTTrack under Win XP. The main
purpose of my usage is to maintain archives of a few online
magazines and newspapers for research. A couple of questions:

1. What is the 'correct' or 'proper' way to configure
HTTrack so that it maintains separated, daily archives of a
newspaper/magazine site? From my reading of the manual and
FAQ, it seems to be primarily a offline browser catering to
maintaining up-to-date archives of different sites. What I
want is to do unique mirrors of each site at regular
intervals (in my case, mostly daily). How do I best go about
2. I used HTTrack on <> and
besides a few errors reported in the log, all went well
generally. However, when I later tried to open the
index.html while my browser was in Offline mode, I get the

"The web page you requested is not available offline. To
view this page, please click Connect".

However, after clicking on the link I wanted 3 times or so,
the page finally loaded. This happens for every link I
clicked on. Was I doing anything wrong in my use of HTTrack
or was it something in the stored html pages that caused the
browser to request an update of the site online after every


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"Page requested not available" and other questions

10/21/2002 05:36

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