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Subject: Still need help with daz3d catalog
Author: John
Date: 11/06/2016 17:08
Hi, I still need some help downloading part of a website. This is the page I
want to
start from:


You'll notice that on the left, there's a series of links under the "product
index" header. Each of those pages leads to a page representing that range of
products, like this:


Each of these pages has an alphabetized body of links leading to
start pages for the products, like this:


And finally, each product start page has a link to the storefront page for
product, next to the words "product name," like this:


I want to download this catalog. The index, the page for each product number
range, the doc start page for each product, and the storefront page for each
product (and all the images etc., required to make the storefront pages
display properly, including the larger images linked to). I don't mind if
additional stuff winds up in my offline mirror, so much as I'd like to avoid
burning a lot of bandwidth on stuff I don't need, especially if that would
delay downloading of the stuff I actually want.

Anyone want to help me out with this please?
I have set Track to go 4 links deep, plus 1 external link deep, but it still
isn't downloading the start doc pages for the products, or the store pages for
the products.

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Still need help with daz3d catalog

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