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Subject: URLs with a text-based slash '/'
Author: Roland
Date: 12/01/2016 19:42

I have a problem concerning saving URLs with a '/' that is used in the text
which holds a linked URL.

For a better understanding of this problem, please check the "Axel
Möller/Schlussworte" link as an example at the bottom:


You can see text that there is a '/' in the text which refers to a site.

The problem is that httrack creates an empty site for that kind of URLs.

The error message is as follows:

06:46:25	Error: 	"Error when decompressing" (-1) at linköller/Schlußworte (from

or another variant:

06:46:25	Error: 	"Error when decompressing" (-1) at linköller_/_Schlußworte (from

How do I handle those kinds of URLs? Is there a Wildcard for the '/'
character, when it's text-based?
Would +*[_/_] allow at least the other variant to be downloaded?

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