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Subject: Mirror Current folder w/links up 1 level &mirror
Author: Nerdtastic
Date: 01/05/2017 06:09
need to mirror a site:
<> (my messages) 

there will be about 10 posts there with images...
need to follow each post up one level and back down to their profile where the
message can be read..

(for example)


I only need the content of the one page at each destination once I auth to the

(bonus points - there are about 20 pages in messages designed as 

if possible to continue pulling, else I'll just hit it 20 times or so.

Another option is on the same main page:
<> (my messages here)

in the grid of posts to the far right a link to their replies as:
...which will also give me the contents as well  

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Mirror Current folder w/links up 1 level &mirror

01/05/2017 06:09


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