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Subject: two compile related questions
Author: alex
Date: 10/23/2002 03:21
I'm trying to compile httrack for a linux box which doesn't
have gcc, make etc.  So I'm compiling it on another box.

the first time I compiled it with: 
"./configure --prefix=/home/username/httrack"

All went okay, but when I transferred it to the other host,
it complained about not being able to find
(which is located in lib.)

I'm foggy on dynamically linked libraries, so unsure what to
do, I compiled it again with:

When I try to run the second compiled binary, I get:
httrack: htscore.c:967: httpmirror: Assertion `szf + 1 <
sizeof(r.req.user_agent)' failed.

How do I correctly compile the source to be able to run it
on another machine?  Or how do I fix the above errors?
thanks a lot.


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10/23/2002 03:21
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