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Subject: Re: two compile related questions
Author: alex
Date: 10/23/2002 15:21
> > When I try to run the second compiled binary, I get:
> > httrack: htscore.c:967: httpmirror: Assertion `szf + 1 <
> > sizeof(r.req.user_agent)' failed.
> > Aborted
> Humm, this migh tbe related to a too small structure 
> somewhere.
> Can you change, in the file src/htslib.c, at line 65, the 
> line:
>   char user_agent[64];
> into:
>   char user_agent[128];
> And then recompile as you did on the #2 try?> The error message should

Ahh, well yes that makes sense.  I just checked and the user
agent entry I was using was 70 characters.  (I was using a
standard Mozilla user agent string)

When I left the user agent argument out, it worked fine.

I'll try recompiling later, when I have a chance.  Just in
case someone else has the same problem, user_agent is
actually defined in src/htslib.h (not htslib.c) on line 65.

Thanks a lot for you quick help.

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