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Subject: Android app questions
Author: Bill Dietrich
Date: 02/08/2017 13:34
Using the Android app:

- If I change the scan rules then run an update, does it delete old files that
now are filtered out ?  For example, old scan rules allowed *.gif files,
update mirrored a bunch of them, then I changed scan rules to disallow gif
files.  Are the gif files in the cache deleted ?
- Any way to empty out the whole cache for one specific web site ?
- Any way to empty out the log file and start fresh ?
- I want to mirror just my site, not pages it links to.  Does setting "Build /
No external pages" do this ?  I did that and I still see it fetching pages
from Wikipedia and such.  Or do I have to set a scan rule such as "-*.**.*" or something ?

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