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Subject: SSO issue when exporting Google Site
Author: Robert
Date: 02/15/2017 01:33
I need to export a site from

When I Add URL, it is formatted as:

when I engage HTTrack, it immediately throws an error: "* * MIRROR ERROR! *  *
HTTrack has detected that the current mirror is empty. If it was an update,
the previous mirror has been restored. Reason: the first page(s) either could
not be found, or a connection problem occurred."

The site uses SSO and the user is redirected to a different portal for
authentication and upon success, redirected back to my site (with a browser
auth token i assume.)

The Capture URL process does not work as I can't access the authentication
portal with the proxy settings engaged.

Is there an option to use the browsers auth token to accomplish authentication
since entering the username and password will not work?
Thanks in advance.

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SSO issue when exporting Google Site

02/15/2017 01:33
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