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Subject: BUG Report: httrackrc file
Author: Solomon Boulos
Date: 10/24/2002 18:15
When I try to use an httrackrc file ( which is being 
noticed just fine ) with httrack ( technically the 
WinHTTrack 3.21 release, but i'm using the console 
version ) I get an error "Unable to create log file  <path 
specified by httrackrc file>\hts-log.txt

I'm wondering if anyone else can reproduce this error or 
if it's something weird I'm doing.  Also, it doesn't 
create the folder for output either when I use an 
httrackrc file... So that's an interesting quirk.  But it 
still doesn't work if I make the folder for it first and 
then run it.  I have administrator rights and everything.  
Hmm, I can't think of any other pertinent info...  Oh 
yeah, here's my httrackrc file

path = c:\work
mirror = 
near = on
deny *
allow *.gif
allow *.jpg
allow *.css
allow *.js
allow *.png
allow **

mirror = ... happens to be on one line in case that 
doesn't show up correctly...

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