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Subject: retransferring/duplicate/slowering
Author: max f
Date: 10/30/2002 15:29
OS:Win 98 SE
WinHTTrack 3.20-2
I'd like to know how to prevent the retransferring of yet 
downloaded files referring to pages pointed by several 
internal links into a web site.

Often I see that some .jpg files are re transferred with 
a   .JPG extension,these are files I've already 
downloaded:is there a way to make HTT assume that these 
files are the same though or is there a specific filter 
string which could still let me download missing jpg file?
Last topic:I see that HTT is getting slower each time I re 
scan the files(note:no crashes, wrong interruptions or 
I tried to switch "get HTML files first",but no change:why 
is that?
Thanks anticipately.


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