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Subject: pages are corrupted
Author: ousanimo
Date: 05/23/2017 00:54
When i open some pages (well the most of them) i find it full of this:

"&#&Ó*­U%QR¹ÛU½úñ®åe‹¢5Q$%K·o?ø¨Þ’¯÷—ô÷í}Ή9'“¢Ú@Ä÷¼÷Ùçœs§.þäÂå~éo}Ðn­üàä¹S¾ÿr³á½ðŒ7û*ó¹×¬/gšálÆ«µ‚(ZΝZ3ìüfèu[uþétý×¢Œ×

Symbols every where and nothing to read.
I have some errors in the log file but i don't know how to solve them.
Pleas,help me fast

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pages are corrupted

05/23/2017 00:54


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