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Subject: Previously-downloaded files and duplication
Author: Anton
Date: 08/22/2017 17:46
Good morning, folks. I've used the search function and found several threads
that almost answer my question, but they're quite old and not exactly what I'm
concerned with.

I'm trying to backup a website that hosts podcasts.

Show info is located at

The corresponding MP3s are located at

Previously (2012) I had painstakingly downloaded every episode at that point
by hand via Downthemall, so I have around 30GB of files I'd prefer not to

However, I've noticed that even with the files in (what I assume to be) the
proper folder ( the old files get deleted and then
re-downloaded. I have tried various configs like "don't purge old files" and I
have Update Hack enabled. I've even tried "don't use cache" in my attempts at

Am I using this software in an incorrect manner, and that I should be
expecting re-downloads because WinHTTRack is grabbing the files it is designed
to, instead of what I want?
Is there a way to get this to work how I want, or should I go back to manually
using Downthemall?
Thanks for your advice, either way. I've used this software for other backups
and it worked perfectly, just this instance seems to be giving me a headache.

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Previously-downloaded files and duplication

08/22/2017 17:46
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