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Subject: Re: Does anyone can find out who download it ??
Author: Matt
Date: 09/04/2017 18:38
Hi Tech!

Puns in a name are fun.

Everyone on the planet downloads a webpage. That's how anyone sees a page in
the first place.

"Downloading a website" is no different that simple looking at all the pages
on a site.

The is no way for a website to know that a page was kept on your hard drive
and not just looked at the thrown away.

Most users don't look at every page. So the website can see that

Httrack grabs pages Faster than a human could possible read  before going on
to the next page.

If you slow Httrck way down,  like one page every 20 seconds and only one file
at a time, there is little a site could do to notice you.

What Sites do notice is all their Bandwidth and processing power get used up
by one person running Httrack with 20 connections/files at once and 20 files
per second (or worse) on each of those connections.

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Does anyone can find out who download it ??

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