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Subject: All around help
Author: Frank
Date: 09/19/2017 23:01
Hi all. I have been using HTtrack for the last few weeks, though
inconsistently. A lot of trial and error.

What I want is to save a few websites. Some of the sites I save include links,
but some do not. Like I said, trial and error, so I change settings often.

In my efforts, I have checked guides here and also on youtube, but nothing
works consistently for me.

I think some of the trouble I am having is that some guides seem to use codes
and scripts I am not familiar with. I use the httrack wizard and adjust
settings from there.

Also, I see guides that use +, -, * and other letters that are commands.
However, I simply cannot put the correct syntax for what I want. Also, do
these go in the Web Address (URL) text box in the wizard?
Any help is greatly appreciated.

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All around help

09/19/2017 23:01
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