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Subject: Complete Listing of Offline Websites
Author: charles smith
Date: 09/27/2017 13:09
Can you build a new index and templates for the "Complete Listing of Offline
Websites" page?
Suggested Changes:
1. Category name position to the left, with an indent of 5 to 10 pixels and
padding top and bottom by 3 to 5 pixels.
2. After the site (project) name have; last updated or last modified followed
by the sites description.
3. Maybe add the option to click on the last updated or last modified to
trigger it to check and update the site. (would require WinHTTrack be

Example 1:
- Website Name (linked to site), Last modified on (maybe linked) (new td)
website Description (from mirrored website).

Example 2: (Sorry, but took description from current website build)
 - Blue Eye Web, Last Modified On: September 27, 2017     Blue Eye Web Medical
Marijuana Community is a site where MMJ patients can share information, ask
questions, learn how to grow better medical and do research regarding your
illness, disease or disorder.


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Complete Listing of Offline Websites

09/27/2017 13:09
Re: Complete Listing of Offline Websites

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