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Subject: Re: HTTrack for Fotki web site
Author: Matt
Date: 10/01/2017 01:37
AS for your first Specific Example Fotki

I'll use the Public viewable "Star Trek" Album as an example


So my Base Page is

My Filter Rules starts with BLOCK ALL

Now all the album pages are
so I add the rule to get them*

All the images are tiny thumbnails. 
My example is pic 3#
Tiny image

Clicking on the pic
gives me the page

which is still covered by my existing rule for the album pages

Its picture is bigger and located at
and is the best size that I find on the site. So lets add a rule to get that


So I was worried that there might be more than one so I
added the wild card,  same thing with the vXX folder, and the set of numbered
Directories, but I require it to end in "-vi.jpg" so I don't get the "-th"
thumbnail versions

Then we add shared assets, (if we care about the pages looking correct, if
needed); most of which fall under*****

That should about do it, I could continue to chase down any other issues that
might need to be addressed, but I think you get the idea

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