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Subject: Mirror Error, intranet HTTPS
Author: SV
Date: 01/09/2018 15:02
Dear all,

I can not download a website (HTTPS) completely from the intranet.

I followed the steps by changing the 'Browser Identity' under the tab 'Browser
ID'( various attempts) as well as replacing the 'HTML footer' with '(none)'
and last adding the URL under the 'Scan Rules' > 'Include link(s)...' followed
by 'Link containing:' after which the domain name has been entered.

Nevertheless, I keep getting the message "** MIRROR ERROR **, HTTrack has
detected ... your proxy settings! <=" and I can't download the site

The log (hts-log.txt) is showing:
14:50:47 Warning: link is probably looping, type unknown, aborting:
14:50:47 Warning: No data seems to have been transferred during this session!
: restoring previous one!

All help found on this forum, Google and YouTube don't fix my problem. Please
help me out.

Thanks & Cheers,

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Mirror Error, intranet HTTPS

01/09/2018 15:02
Re: Mirror Error, intranet HTTPS

01/09/2018 15:03


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