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Subject: HtTrack protocols for naming files
Author: AAA
Date: 01/21/2018 18:02
By make a slight modification of your protocol for naming your files, you can
effectuate a great improvement.  Your current protocols defeat typical
auto-sorting in file managers.  The following exemplars will not auto-sort as
a group in a file windows manager:
httrack-3.49.2.exe , which I will call the CORE NAME, and 
httrack_x64-3.49.2.exe, and, and .  

Better would be to maintain consistency by having every one of those file
names begin with the core name HTTRACK-3.49.2 and having the variations in
file names follow that core name instead of preceding it.  

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HtTrack protocols for naming files

01/21/2018 18:02


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