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Subject: PHP board with password protected chat archive
Author: korg
Date: 03/20/2018 10:42
Hi, sorry for my english and pardon my ignorance.

I would like to ask if there is a possibility to download by HTTrack something
like that: There is a discussion board (on PHP) and this discussion board has
a chat. There is also chat archive (password protected, you need to write your
login and password, of course I know my login and password). After you give
your login and password, you have access to chat archives URL's - for example,, 

So is there any possibility to download password protected chat archive by
httrack on php board? of  course chat is 'flowing' all the time, but I want
only offline static version of one single moment of course.

Thanks for reading.


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PHP board with password protected chat archive

03/20/2018 10:42


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