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Subject: Re: Help with redirection
Author: Xavier Roche
Date: 11/10/2002 17:05
> Just spent the morning trying to
> figure out code commented in
> French!

Eheh that's right.. I will have to rewrite when I have time 
main parts with english comments (and real comments for 
function headers, anyway)

> I found I could grab the final page
> with the command
> ./httrack --list  list --depth=2 -e
> But ....
> The index that gets built doesnt
> have the title of the ultimate page.
> Instead, My index just says
> 'Page has moved'

This is not yet possible, ad the index creation is done on-
the-fly during the first page fetches. But I'll add this on 
the TODO list and see what can be done.

Note that you could also have used filters (options/Scan 
rules) to get the page, too.
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