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Subject: help please, can't seem to clone the sites i need
Author: MissHACKSS
Date: 04/20/2018 03:20
So i know that im doing everything correct cause i ive tryed to do a bunch of
websites and it worked just not for the ones that iwant. i need to be able to
clone a site so i can use it for my own and just change there details and make
it my own. im just learning bootstrap and for a beginner it seeems almst
impossible to do . if someone could shed some light on this pleawe would be
: i'm trying to clone , like , OLUX.IO OR HEXXA.ORG :
This is what i get when it finishes :
HTTrack has detected that the current mirror is empty. 
if it was an update, the previous mirror has been restored. 
reason: the first page(s) either could not be found , or a connection problem
occured. ensure that website still exsists andor check your proxy settings. 

and i already went in to my settings and clicked spider to turn robots off and
still nothing. 
please help thansk

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help please, can't seem to clone the sites i need

04/20/2018 03:20


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